Actionable Financial Health Insights

for evaluating financial risk and performance

Financial Health IQ®
Subscription-based technology platform providing users with accurate and forward-looking visibility into a company’s Financial Health

financial statement and ratio analysis

automated – intelligent Data-driven models

industry peer group benchmarking

access to robust public/private data sets

streamlined data-driven assessments

at-a-glance visualization tools

Evaluating a company's Financial Health with accuracy and forsightedness is very difficult and time consuming.

Financial Statement Spreading

“financial statement and ratio analysis is tedious and time consuming.”

Financial ratio analysis

“subjective criteria and homegrown models are inherently biased.”

comparable period and trend assessments

“interpreting data and building consensus is an arduous process.”

industry peer benchmarking

“private company benchmarking data is difficult to source.”

Financial Health IQ® streamlines the process of evaluating a company's financial risk and operating performance.

Financial Health IQ® provides workflow solutions that shorten time-to-decision and streamline customer and colleague interactions.

Financial Health IQ® uses at-a-glance modular dashboards and data visualization tools in its Financial Health Briefs®.



Provides forward-looking insights into Financial Health by:

Applying machine learning techniques using objective data-driven models mapped by SIC Code across 24 industry-specific models.

Calibrating its models with a sizeable dataset from over 300,000 global public and private companies spanning more than three decades.

Benchmarking companies to leaders and laggards across 31 industry sectors, closely linked to the Russell Index Sector allocations.

"Financial Health IQ® brings forward keen insights to flag what others miss."

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